Friday, July 11, 2014

Vägen Till Bålberget - Therese Söderlind

Ms Söderlind was news to me, but favourites Kerstin Ekman and Joyce Carol Oates were both mentioned in the blurb on the cover, which did sort of get my hopes up.

I did not, however, find that many common points with either of the aforementioned ladies, except perhaps a certain geographical commonality with Ekman (The northern parts of Sweden are apparently dear to them... As they are to me, incidentally!) and a focus laid on the influence of history.
This novel is split in four, parts with distinct narrative voices and several time patterns within each voice. Yet the reading went smoothly, partly because the topic - 17th century witch trials - was enthralling, and partly because Söderlind´s prose is fairly basic.

A good holiday-read, on the whole! Engrossing and entertaining without being debilitating. What else could you ask for, seeing that the weather up here in the northern parts of Sweden are already taken care of.

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