Friday, July 4, 2014

The Normal Heart - R. Murphy 2014

This HBO TV film is based on a largely autobiographical play by Larry Kramer, depicting his struggle to draw attention to the Aids virus, in early 1980s New York.

I suppose the quarter of a century that has passed since, has conferred the required perspective for us to consider both the outbreak of the disease and our treatment of homosexual men back then. Not much to be proud of!

Julia Roberts is uncharacteristically  unglamorous as the outsider doctor-in-a-wheelchair, Mark Ruffalo wears brown corduroy jackets as the gay activist and Taylor Kitsch apparently is set to have a career despite the massive and unfortunate bombing of 'John Carter'.

This was well-made and felt sincere; seldom indeed are we shown gay couples in classic love-stories, from the awkward first date through the fights down to the tear-wrenching death on the hospital bed. 
I guess the sincerity compensates for the few uninspired shortcuts which were something of a let-down.


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