Saturday, July 5, 2014


The plot is pretty much in the title, except for the political angle, which on the other hand becomes more palpable if you consider handsome Dylan McDermott plays the hostage-taker. Indeed, someone that gorgeous can't truly be a bad guy?.. 
Toni Collette is the surgeon pressured upon to murder the President, on whom she is about to operate, while her family is used as leverage.

Despite this being modeled on an Israeli TV series, it is now all Bruckheimer : Slick and efficient, yet at the same time paradoxically slightly over the top and very shallow. 
Have seen the first four episodes and feel no real need to see the rest. (Will it get better?)

And PS to the channel TF1, who has shrewdly shortened each episode by 5-15 minutes; I never realized that was an option, but I can readily suggest at least a dozen other programmes you'd be well-advised to make even more extensive cuts in!


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