Monday, May 19, 2014

The Killer Inside Me - M. Winterbottom 2010

And old-school Noir plot set in the deep South, Hitchcockian imagery, femmes fatales (lethal, unfortunately, mostly to themselves) and the first-person voice-over of a laconic Police detective - not exactly what I had come to expect from super-Brit Michael Winterbottom. 

This convoluted story about revenge and, indeed, the killer inside turned out to be riveting, and Casey Affleck was the creepiest psychopath since Norman Bates! 

... Perhaps the extensive and explicit violence the female characters are exposed to should have bothered me (on a more abstract level, I mean; as it was, I 'merely' fast-forwarded those moments to avoid puking) but I sort of felt they were justified by the plot, which after all stems wholly from his issues with women.

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