Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Living History - Hillary Rodham Clinton

Clinton cuts straight to the bone and spares us long-winded recollections of her middle-class childhood in a (Republican) Chicago family : In less than 200 pages, we are already in the White House, dealing with the failed health care reform. 

The speed then slackens somewhat, though this remains a readable and interesting memoir, indeed a piece of living history. A bit detached and businesslike, perhaps, as she is after all a politician (more now than in 2003 when publishing the book) with an ongoing career.

The only bone I have to pick would be with the translation, which abounds with trifling but irritating mistakes revealing an ignorance of American civilization rather unbecoming to no less than three translators. 
(FYI, you translators, you might want to look up; Arsenio Hall (although Arsenic Hall was kind of fun), Mary Steenburgen, 'Angela's Ashes', Helsinki and perhaps make up your mind about the French translation of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'...)

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