Friday, March 7, 2014

Ten Years In The Tub - Nick Hornby

This is the complete collection of the columns Hornby has been writing for art magazine 'The Believer' about his reading. 

They are not regular book reviews, since :
Tenet number one is that he will write about "what (he) would have done anyway, which is read the books (he) wanted to read", and 
Tenet number two is that "The Polysyllabic Spree" (which is how Hornby refers to the allegedly "white-clad... chillingly ecstatic young men and women who run this magazine") have a strict policy against "snarky criticism", which eventually has Hornby read only books he suspects he will like (as opposed to those he feels he ought to read) - a pleasing and unexpected side-effect of the column.

As ever, Hornby is a miracle of wit and perspicacity, and sheer bliss to read. 
I honestly think he could write user's manuals and still have me in stitches. 
(Or even football books, which seems a lot more likely.) 
(And no, 'High Fidelity' is not about football. It is about a football fan.) 

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