Friday, March 28, 2014

House of Cards, season 2

As regrettably as inexplicably, it seems to me that Fincher's show has lost a great deal of its appeal; it feels very much like a repetition of the first - brilliant! - season.

That Underwood is a master villain is by now an established fact, and to have accelerated his corruption and recklessness into having him commit actual crimes himself might not have been, I might add, one of Fincher's more enlightened intuitions. There is, fortunately, a limit to how credible a flat-out illegal vice-president can be.

So I think I'm getting off this ship, too, although I'm only half-way through!
What is it with me, at the moment?? 
Have I developed some form of hyperactivity diagnosis and am henceforth incapable of finishing anything?
Have borrowed a book from my ten-year-old, just to make sure. 

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