Saturday, February 22, 2014

Les Mouvements Dans la Peinture - P. Fride-Carrassat, I. Marcadé

Before reading this, I was familiar with expressionism, surrealism, the renaissance and even the Barbizon school, but had not yet heard of artistic movements such as atticism, eclectism or the macchiaioli, among others.

The thing is, even after having digested Marcadé and Fride-Carrassat's opus, I still feel pretty clueless. 
I have great faith in language and books, but describing art in words will only take you so far. For several art movements, there is not a single illustration; and I, for one, could have used several to get the hang of, say, the Malassi cooperative or B.M.P.T or Mec art...
In short, what this book needs is more paintings to illustrate the entries. 
A LOT more paintings!! (Easily fixed for later editions, it seems to me?)


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