Monday, January 13, 2014

Just Kids - Patti Smith

Shamefully uncultivated, my beforehand knowledge of Patti Smith boiled down to 'Because the Night' and that seminal photo with the doves. I have now learned she is a multifaceted artist, author of several novels and a load of poetry.

Her poetic skills are obvious in this autobiographical novel of her penniless youth in early 1970s New York along with soul-mate photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. They are both 'just kids' and in search of their artistic identities among their likes; Janis Joplin, Johnny Winters, William Burroughs, Todd Rundgren, Sam Shepard, the Factory people...

This was a great read! Entertaining and poetic and literary - plus all the namedropping!

 Patti Smith, by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1979


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