Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jag Ringer Mina Bröder - Jonas Hassen Khemiri

Khemiri is one of Sweden's greatest now living writers (the other is Kerstin Ekman) and I truly pity you English-speaking readers, since inexplicably, there are no English translations of Khemiri's work. 

(Not that I don't also pity the hypothetical translator... I would not want to translate a first-class linguistic contortionist such as he.)

(There is a lot to be said, by the way, about the fact that Camilla Läckberg and Stieg Larsson not only can be found in every language of the Western hemisphere, but also sell billions of books... but I reckon I don't need to go there again.)

This novella, like Khemiri's other publications, deals with Sweden's second generation immigrants and their feelings of alienation. It is more than thought-provoking; it actually forces you to reconsider the issue from a new angle, and it does so in the most melodious style you can possibly imagine. 

My one vexation with this book is that 150 pages is much too short.

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