Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mitt Positiva Liv - Andreas Lundstedt

Lundstedt is a Swedish popstar who achieved international success with 'Crying at the discothèque' a decade ago. By then he had already contracted HIV but kept it secret until 2007.

There is, therefore, material for something more than a celebrity-bio and indeed, his diagnosis - or more particularly his way of (not) dealing with it - represents the main interest of this book.

I guess the hyper-sentimental narrative style comes from Lundstedt himself, yet I tend to think his co-writer should have reined in on the hyperboles. (But then, what to expect from someone who is basically a fashion journalist? Sorry, Blankens, but please stick to fashion in the future. You are good at that.)

However much spice a drama queen will add to everyday life, I don't want it in writing!


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