Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises - C. Nolan 2012

The age limit is 12 on this one (12 being the minimum age required, I hasten to point out), so the 9-year-olds were automatically barred from this. WHAT kind of excuse I am going to come up with, then, for watching yet another tights-clad superhero I still cannot say.

My intention was to blame Nolan, my low-expectations principle being impossible to apply to the man who created 'Inception'.

Both very surprisingly and quite unexpectedly (do you follow?) I found this Batman rather satisfying!
An adult man in tights will remain an adult man in tights, but there were women present (no Bechdel-test is applicable, though...) and the tiresome, obsolete figure of Absolute Evil eventually turned out not to be 100% evil after all, which was a pleasant surprise.

My present cause for bewilderment is how I could find the previous film, 'The Dark Knight' so terribly burdensome. I don't have to watch it again, do I? (Please, say I don't.)


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