Monday, September 23, 2013

Green Lantern - M. Campbell 2011

I am struggling to come to terms with my nine-year-old's unforeseen inclination toward superhero-movies.
Is this in any way related to the child's fascination for the power it lacks?
Or is it just the handsome fellas and damsels in distress?
And would I possibly have been less taken aback if the nine-year-old in question had been my son, instead of my daughter?

Ryan Reynolds reminds me furiously of any Lindsay Lohan, or  Britney Spears or, for that matter, Blake Lively, even with her hair dyed brown. Just another blond bimbo, basically.

'The Lantern' is DC Comics and not Marvel, so the visual landscape is slightly different from the Avengers, but the film as a whole, sadly, is not.

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