Friday, July 12, 2013

Blackwater (Händelser Vid Vatten) - Kerstin Ekman

As faithful readers are well aware, Ekman is the Grande Dame of Swedish literature and one of my personal paragons.

Like many other great authors, she started out with detective stories.
The stabbing of two tourists near my childhood dwelling place prompted Ekman's return to her roots in 1993 with this masterly opus.
I wasn't even worried about rereading it : Ekman being Ekman there was no way this could have aged otherwise than gracefully.

It had, of course! Nature, as often in her writing, plays a predominant part, and contributes to conveying the heavy mood, laden with innuendo and suspicion.
Red herrings galore!
The narration is intricate, with multiple time spans, multiple narrators, multiple plots, all converging toward the same finish.

Brilliant! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

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