Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vanity Fair, France

As a 100th anniversary gift, this prestigious magazine offers itself the luxury of a French edition, notwithstanding the current financial crisis.

Much like its American counterpart, this first French issue contains in-depth articles on a large array of subjects, ranging from an interview with the Bettencourt butler having bugged his employer's office, or a study of the hottest Parisian nightclub of the 1980s, les Bains Douches, to an article on Indian businessman Lakshmi Mittal.

The photos, a hallmark of the US edition, are not yet comparable to Leibovitz's, nor even Ellen von Umwerth's celebrity shots for US 'Glamour', but then this is only the first issue.

It's a bit too soon, obviously, to determine whether this edition will measure up to the American - arguably one of the world's best magazines - but editor in chief Michel Denisot vows that no more than 20% photos / articles will be taken from the US, which augurs well.

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