Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Shining - S. Kubrick 1980

Revisiting the classics, part II :

Still brilliantly scary, using brilliantly simple means - the camera pursuing first the car during the opening credits, and then Danny on his little gokart in the Overlook hotel corridors is sheer genius for all its simplicity.
My teenager was beside herself and didn't want to go to sleep afterwards.

The plot is so accomplished I actually find it a little hard to accept that Stephen King penned it.
But then of course, remove Kubrick and Nicholson from this film, and I guess nothing much remains. (One would tend to think so as King, who did not exactly share my view on Kubrick's masterpiece, had his own version shot as a mini-series in 1997. This has yet to turn into a classic.)


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