Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Snow-White and the Huntsman - R. Sanders 2012

The tale of Snow-White re-moulded in a Lord of the Rings-medieval-fantasy aesthetic.
The fact of the matter is, it would have made more sense to film an entirely  new story, so extensive are the changes to the plot, and so burdensome is it to add psychological insight to a character who has to utter the famous "Mirror, Mirror on the wall..." It's not for lack of trying, though. 

The film was OK, my low-expectations principle being as always exceedingly helpful.
Remarkably, for a princess-starring fairy-tale, the film 1) passes the Bechdel-test, and 2) ends with a still single princess.

I spent most of the film thinking how curious I am to see what is to become of Kristen Stewart's career. I happen to think she is a lot more talented than her latest films have given her credit for. It remains to be seen whether 'Twilight' and cheating publicly on Edward Cullen was a fatal blow, or just a temporary setback. Fortunately, she is still young.

the Bechdel-test (a reminder) :
- Are there at least 2 female characters bearing first names?
- Do they speak together?
- Of other things than men?

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