Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Saturday Night Fever - J. Badham 1977

This film is eons from what I pictured when, aged 9, I pored over the record sleeve with my friends, listening to the Bee Gees.

The glam disco stills never let on anything about Tony Manero's gloomy home situation, his demanding parents, the ratty job, his suicidal friend, the Brooklyn Bridge or the gang-rape scene. (She cries and doesn't want to. That is rape in my book.)
The record sleeve photos displayed only the other side of Tony's life; the 70s shirt collars, the hip-shaking, the neon lights and Travolta's puppy eyes.

All things considered, it is a surprisingly OK film!
It actually makes a statement about the lost youth in 1970s New York, not wholly unlike certain Scorsese-films. (Yes, indeed!)

Had to check up the director and realized I haven't seen a single one of his other films. Not even 'War Games'. Not that I have ever felt I missed out on anything, but last night, I started to wonder.

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