Monday, June 3, 2013

Hair - M. Forman 1979

Still crazy after all these years!

I warrant Forman has been cleverly scarce in his film-making and therefore has avoided failures. (His latest, 'Goya's Ghost' indeed is no masterpiece, but certainly no failure, either.)

Adapting this Broadway-musical on screen was not a sure-fire success, but in the end, 'Hair' is still irresistible, 25 years later, very much thanks to Treat Williams. (WTF happened to his career???)

My 15-year-old was almost as enraptured as I was, at twelve.
My 9-year-old was absolutely enthralled by all the dirty language and naked butts.
And me, this time, I hardly cried at all when that plane took off for Vietnam!

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