Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rust and Bone - J. Audiard 2012

Having given the matter some thought, I reckon I watched this film for two reasons :
1) The reviews were more than enthusiastic.
2) A friend of mine recently declared her intention to see it. (Hear me, Katharina; this is all your fault.)

Normally, I am no admirer of French intellectual films, and this love story between Cotillard's half-eaten killer-whale trainer and a combat fighter did not appear very promising at first hand.

Nor was it, on a closer look, really.
True, Audiard knows his stuff. However, despite frequent close-ups of Cotillard's leg stumps, an interesting take on our views of our own body and the fact that the characters evolve in a slightly different environment from the city lofts and large mansions we have grown used to on film, there was really nothing new under the sun, here. 

You have seen love stories develop the same way in hundreds of films already.

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