Sunday, May 26, 2013

Les Frigos

Les Frigos (the fridges) is named after its origins; built in the 1920s as a cold storage warehouse and train station, it still contains an old steam train locomotive somewhere in its depths. Much to the sorrow of my 9-year-olds, the locomotive is no  longer open for visits.

Twice a year, however, the rest of the house is!
Since the 1980s, a number of various artists and craftsmen have taken over the building; many of them foreigners who both live and work there.

During the open house days, it is crowded, narrow, loud, visually spectacular and all in all a rather friendly venue.
The rest of the year, you can still visit, but will find most of the doors closed.

Even so, the dilapidated building is an eyeful, surrounded as it now is by towering, glassed-in office buildings.


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