Tuesday, April 23, 2013

La Vie Passera Comme Un Rêve - Gilles Jacob

Jacob has been at the head of the Cannes Film festival since the early 1970s and so obviously has hoarded a trove of juicy anecdotes I would have loved to read about.

Sadly, he seems intent on maintaining good relations to all the A-listers he has been rubbing shoulders with, and so this autobiography consists in a lengthy account of his childhood, followed by flourishing descriptions of his love for films (certainly genuine) and directors.

What struck me most in this book was how natural it seems to be for him to treat the stars with awed deference, and how natural it seems to them that it should be that way. Not sure whether it's due to my social-democratic origins or my Lutherian roots, but it's something I have a very hard time accepting. 

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