Monday, April 15, 2013

Elle s'appelait Sarah (Sarah's Key) - G. Paquet-Brenner (2010)

My 15-year-old revels in real-life agony stories of all sorts (Go figure) so that she'd sit misty-eyed in front of this was, so to speak, a foregone conclusion. 

Kristin Scott-Thomas's delving into past secrets leading her back to 1942 Paris and orphan Jews was indeed a heartrending account, and with a true ring to it.

Personally, I feel I am pretty much done with holocaust desolation - I KNOW what happened, and have been a card-carrying pacifist since high school - so I prefer more cheerful films.

However : 'Elle s'appelait Sarah' (Why is it that all titles containing proper names always sound horrendously cheap?) passes the Bechdel-test with flying colours!

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