Monday, April 1, 2013

Chagall, entre Guerre et Paix, Musée du Luxembourg, Paris 5ème

Being familiar with Marc Chagall mostly as a painter of lovers (chiefly himself and his first wife Bella) this exhibit disclosed new aspects of his work to me, as for instance his Bible-illustrations, the depictions of his Russian hometown or his representations of Russian Jews during the world wars.

Musée du Luxembourg is no Grand Palais, but in point of fact rather diminutive so the number of canvases was limited.
Then, on the other hand, the crowd was fairly imposing, so that may have been just as well.

Words of advice :

a) Do go, but not for another couple of weeks, so as to avoid the stampede.
Not being able to view the paintings from a distance is a drawback.

b) Do take the audioguide if you feel like it, but brush up on Chagall beforehand.
His abundant use of recurrent symbols, for example, is explicited only partially, which is a pity.

Les Amoureux en Vert, Marc Chagall, 1916-17
Can't help it; I still prefer the lovers!

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