Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Museum of London (well; London!)

This was a new experience for me; I had never been here before, but it was well worth a visit!

The rich history of London is retold in numerous rooms, presenting artefacts, detailed displays, films and interactive games.
A laudable effort has been made to link the past to the present which did much to heighten at least my interest in the prehistorical era.

Geographically, the museum was not hard to find (right behind St Paul's) but once inside, it got tougher. Corridors everywhere led to a constant sense of having missed out on things.

To compensate, the giftshop was a real treat!!

And some final advice : When in London, take a Duck Tour trip : Amphibious buses tour Westminster and Buckingham Palace to end up in the Thames, commented by knowledgeable and Britishly cheerful guides. 

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