Saturday, March 30, 2013

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - M. Newell (2005)

My offspring abides more or less by my homemade tenet 'Read The Book Before You Watch the Film'.
Thursday, we finished the book (Horrible translation! Horrible!) so Friday, we watched the film. (Their tenet is more like 'Waste No Time'.)

Well, what to say? Harry Potter is always Harry Potter!
The later, the darker, the better!

The crux, however, (dissimilar from a horcrux!) is that the narrative flaws grow increasingly hard to ignore the more I watch / read them.
For instance, at the end of this one, Rowling felt the need to use something she calls a portkey, and so she hastily introduces one in the initial chapters.
Conceivably, this is a logical consequence of a lack of planning ahead, certainly stemming from the uncertainty at even being published. (But still...)

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