Thursday, March 7, 2013

Anonymous - R. Emmerich (2011)

Once I had overcome my initial consternation ("Emmerich?! The dad of '2012' and 'Independence Day' made a drama set in Elizabethan England?") and got the hang of the plot (Shakespeare was a fraud), the film became somewhat wearisome.

Though the frequent flashbacks and the elegant setting did what they could to arouse interest, most of all this made want to see Shakespeare-plays, whoever wrote them.

Regarding the birth of his works, it bugged me a little that the film gave the distinct impression Shakespeare retired when Emmerich's ghost writer De Vere died.
Such was not the case; Shakespeare had new plays performed well into 1611, almost 10 years after De Vere's death.

By now, of course you are dying for my opinion on the fraud-theory, so here it is :
The arguments in its favour are all very fine and dandy and quite plausible.
However, it seems to me that in the 400 years that have elapsed since his death, something should have transpired at some point?
Or this is really the best kept secret in Western history.

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