Monday, February 18, 2013

La Cité de la Peur - A. Berbérian (1994)

My love for all things Alain Chabat is rather newfound, so I had not seen this film before.
It is a second degree satire of detective films, about a mysterious serial killer, wreaking havoc among projectionists during the Cannes film festival (ultimately caught in a giant mousetrap).

It is obvious Chabat and his band of buddies had fun making this film, but unfortunately that does not necessarily make it a good film. It is diverting but slightly immature, like something you would expect from a group of university students.

P.S. Can't help wondering : With Farrugia at the head of a cable network (Comédie +), and Chabat making hugely enjoyable films every now and then, what is Lauby up to these days, except walking her lapdog along the Seine (I have ocular proof of that one)??

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