Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gay Men Don't Get Fat - Simon Doonan

After doting on Doonan's autobiography (
I purchased his latest opus, administering style tips and his quirky, idiosyncratic axioms.

By his own account, gay men are deft at this, as "Secrecy and codified communications are part of our way of life... The ability to decode those around us at great speed can mean the difference between an evening of fine dining and an evening at the emergency room."

Frankly, the "we gays" approach tend to feel a little old school to me, but then for all his flair in style, Doonan is 60 so maybe that is only to be expected.

This was not as much fun as 'Beautiful People' but still witty and well-expressed.

The high points were the name-dropping parts; after designing the auction installation of Marilyn Monroe's long-boxed personal estate, for instance, Doonan reports she owned more first edition books than jewelry and clothes.
(I had always thought her intellectual side was more of a wish to be taken seriously.)

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