Friday, January 11, 2013

Shame - S.McQueen (2011)

Sex on film has always made me cringe (Not sure what that says about me. Not sure I want to know.), a bit like when someone picks up an acoustic guitar or whenever I watch reality TV shows.
In 'Shame' however, the sex scenes lay no claim to being sexy or sensuous. Indeed, I have never seen such angst-ridden sex in my life (to which I can only heartily congratulate myself).
Fassbender's sex addict and his little-girl-lost sister, Carey Mulligan, both make you sympathize with their disrupted attitudes to life, due to their enigmatic but clearly messed-up childhood.
The filming is strikingly static; some shots are several minutes long, and I'd guess it contains approximately the same modest amount of dialogue as your average action film. Tried to google the number of frames per second, to no avail; but it feels like the anti-'Hobbit'.
Was it any good?
I think so. It was atypical, at any rate, which is no small feat, in itself!

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