Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hollywoo - F.Berthe (2011)

Woe indeed for French dubbing artist Jeanne, when the actress she lends her voice to resigns from her hit TV-show. Jeanne then takes the most obvious course of action : She is off to Hollywood in order to obtain a change of mind.
This evidently makes for a classic fish-out-of-water-comedy with Florence Foresti, one of France's leading comics as Jeanne, sidekicked (Yep! SHE is sidekicked by HIM!) by another quipster, Jamel Debbouze.
Foresti has co-authored the dialogues, and she is amusing most of the time.
Add to that an original pitch, the culture shock France vs. the US, and the constant language cross-over and voilà! A light and entertaining comedy which - additional bonus! - easily passes the Bechdel-test!
Reminder of the Bechdel-test for the oblivious :
1. Are there at least two named female characters?
2. Do they talk together?
3. About other things than men?

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