Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Catch Me If You Can - S.Spielberg (2002)

The 1960s setting is delectable, Di Caprio's con man is boyishly charismatic, and his frauds - posing as a teacher, an airline pilot, a doctor... - are presented and percieved as playful fun from someone who isn't really aware of what he is doing.
And yet... From a film-maker with Spielberg's talent, I would have appreciated some soul-searching or any form of justification for Abagnale's behaviour. Perhaps also a brief consideration of the risks encountered, not just for the swindler himself.
Moreover, I had trouble buying the triumph of paternal authority. Abagnale senior not being able to provide it, Tom Hanks's FBI agent takes giant, daddy-esque proportions.
Still, all things considered : A fair enough comedy.

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