Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bowling For Columbine - M. Moore (2002)

Hard to determine what is the worst thing about this film :
- the 911 telephone calls from desperate students at Columbine High School during the shooting, or
- the fact that in the decade that has elapsed since the killings, this sort of event has become so much more frequent.

Michael Moore may not be the king of subtlety, but in his first films (also check out 'Roger and Me') he remains knowledgeable and clear-sighted, though admittedly, a bit biased.

Plus : He has dug up quite a crowd of oddballs, here!
Apart from articulate and left-wing officials voicing Moore's own opinions, as do Matt Stone (co-creator of 'South Park') and Marilyn Manson (unexpectedly lucid and eloquent), must be mentioned James Nichols (brother to Oklahoma City bomber Terry) and Charlton Heston. Appalling, hilarious and terrifying.

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