Monday, December 31, 2012

Greatest Hits 2012

Best exhibit : Edward Hopper, Grand Palais, Paris
Because it was soooo beautiful!

Best Museum : Science Museum, London
Because all the 56 students we brought with us seem to have loved it.

Best Film : On Poppy Hill - Goro Miyazaki
Because I actually cried at the end.

Best Concert : The Gossip, Zénith de Paris, November
Because of Beth Ditto.

Best Album : Trespassing - Adam Lambert
Because there is no getting enough of him.

Best Book(s) : 1Q84, parts 1 - 3 - Haruki Murakami
Because reading them was like entering a room I never wanted to leave.

Best TV series : Boardwalk Empire
Because it's brilliant and feels more innovative than 'Downton Abbey'.

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