Thursday, July 12, 2012


Steven Spielberg is a bit like cell phones : Though it would never occur to me to in any way deny their usefulness / skill, I just don't go for them. I assume full responsibility.
Strangely, however, I sort of enjoy 'Smash'!

'Boardwalk Empire' it ain't, not even 'The Good Wife' but the characters are likeable, if stereotypical, the musical numbers are shipshape - less soulless than in 'Glee' - and the plot is not too dim-witted. I don't read chick lit; I'll have this as my guilty pleasure instead.

Idle point of interest : French TV-giant TF1 had a hunch French audiences would not go for 'Smash', and as usual, they have been proven right.
(I don't suppose the fact that they broadcast it from 23.15 to 00.50 has anything to do with anything?)
Way to go, TF1.

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