Monday, July 2, 2012

Skip the Use

This morning, I heard them on the radio, so I am now hurriedly posting this so as to confirm my position as a trendsetter. (Will you please stop laughing?!!)

'Skip the Use' is a band from the north of France with a distinctly un-French sound : Bass and drums are conspicuously present, and not just vaguely perceptible as is the case with most musique française.

Despite half-hearted attempts I have not been able to locate the geographical ancestry of the singer (even Google has its limits, apparently), but his British accent - for yes! Lyrics are in English! I told you they didn't sound French! - is very uplifting to the elderly English teacher I am.

No attempt to describe the music will be made here (not by me, anyway) in order to prod interested readers to YouTube them pronto!

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