Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm Still Here - C. Affleck (2010)

On the one hand; as a general rule, you kind of like to be aware of it whenever you are taken for a ride. (And no, that is in no way incompatible with adhering to a movie. Coleridge coined the expression 'Willing suspension of disbelief' as early as in 1817. Not, perhaps, about film, but same difference, really!)
Pretending to show a documentary when you are clearly not (no way could Affleck have shot all that with one camera, for instance) is disdainful to the audience.

But on the other hand; the statement made here about fame and its consequences definitely gains in emphasis by the mockumentary point of view.

And to finish; respect to Phoenix. It takes a fiery personality to accept coming through as such a filmstar, arrogant ego, whether it be true or not.

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