Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Enchantress of Florence - Salman Rushdie

I used to truly relish Rushdie's novels, but I remember being a bit disappointed in 'Shalimar the Clown' 6 years ago, and this opus did nothing to reconcile me with the man dubbed by his bodyguards "the world's most pompous prick". (Well, maybe they were Muslim integrists?)

It is a complicated book :
Average phrase length : 30-50 words
Average number of different proper names for what I think is the same character : 2-3
Average number of different proper names per page : 10-15
Number of embedded stories : lost track at the third
Number of bibliography pages attesting for Rushdie's painstaking historical research : 8

Very poetic.
Very exhaustive.
Very exhausting.

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