Monday, July 23, 2012

Due Date - T. Philips (2010)

See, the thing is to harbour Low Expectations.
Once you have braced yourself for a bunch of crap, one of two things can happen :
Either the film/book/whatever is indeed a bunch of crap, in which case you have the pleasure of saying "I knew it".
Or the film/book/whatever turns out to be even slightly superior to what you had anticipated, which is of course a surprise, but a pleasant one.
It is a win-win situation!

'Due Date' was not quite as crappy as I gave it credit for when viewing the trailer, and so I even had a few laughs at this ever so classic odd-couple comedy. 

(WHY is it, though, that these odd couples are always masculine?? Are women forever destined to be girlfriends or rivals on film? Is that it now, forever and ever?)

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