Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dödsklockan - Kerstin Ekman

Arguably, Kerstin Ekman is Sweden's greatest today living writer. I have been a a huge fan ever since before even having read any of her books, from way back when she resigned from the Swedish Literary Academy as a protest against what she considered a lame reaction to the fatwa proclaimed against Salman Rushdie after 'The Satanic Verses'

Apart from a certain stamina, Ekman is a one-of-a-kind writer. This is one of her first novels, first published in 1963 - like many others, she began her career authoring detective stories. 'Dödsklockan' is the last of what was termed her detective novels, although you can sense she is ready for other challenges, as this is in no way a traditional whodunit. (Takes place in the forest, during the elk-hunting season.)

Obviously, it is not a Major Literary Opus, but just as obviously, the seeds to her forthcoming career are already present. A literary baby-genius is what it is.

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