Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin

For the last 3-400 pages I have been trying to come up with at least one author who could safely get away with an 800-page-opus. Nick Hornby, perhaps?

The thing is, an entertaining plot and likeable characters do not suffice for a book of this length. (Sorry, Mr Martin) (I realise you will be crying all the way to the bank, now.)
Further requirements are stylistic prose and some form of philosophical content.

And yet; much as I adore Faulkner´s writing, for instance, I doubt I would survive 800 pages of Faulkner. Intelligent writing solicits too much of your concentration for at least me to be able to keep it up much longer than, say, 500 pages.

Anyway! As regards 'A Game of Thrones' : 'Twilight' for adult boys. Stereotypical, easy to grasp characters, unequivocal language, lots of dialogue, battles, medieval chivalry and a hint of sex to spice it up.  

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