Friday, May 18, 2012

Rumeurs et Tremblements - Option théâtre, lycée MP

The school where I teach offers an optional theatre course, so every spring there is the annual show to attend.

The course totals around 50 students, so for everyone to get to enter the stage, they act out a selection of dialogues from various plays around a common theme.

As this is a French high school, and not exactly 'Glee' or 'Fame' (or even anything remotely less factitious) the extracts yesterday were chosen from Beaumarchais, Strindberg, Giraudoux, Ionesco and the likes. Not always very gay!

What is gay, however, is to watch the students perform! Always a pleasure!

(Picture from a performance a few years back, couldn't find anything from this year.)

(You mean some bloggers actually take their own pictures??)

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