Monday, May 28, 2012

Pulp Fiction - Q. Tarantino (1994)

Today : Breaking in open doors.

Hadn't seen this for ages when fate (a.k.a French TV) threw it my way last night. Had almost forgotten what an accomplished picture it is!

Still, I shudder at onscreen violence. The one thing I dislike even more is onscreen violence designed for amusement. 'Pulp Fiction' thrives on that sort of violence.

Still : Tarantino's upbeat inventiveness is just overpowering! It takes a genius to base a whole movie on stereotypes and conventional scenes, and then make you feel you are seeing them for the first time.


  1. yes, tarantino is inventive, but what's the use? His movies are brilliant, but without nothing to say, apart an excessive and genuine love for movies... a little bit short for an artist, no?

    But you're right : tarantino's movies are great to see on TV : if you ever get to a bit of one, you stay the entire scene, because it's so carefully designed.

    1. It's only rock'n'roll but I like it! Everything doesn't have to be great artistry; intelligent entertainment is not half bad!