Sunday, May 20, 2012

Henri IV, Le Roi Bienveillant

Henri IV was born of a Calvinist mother, but later converted to Catholicism in order to become king of France (late 16th c), hence the famous quote "Paris vaut bien une messe" (see Oréal's "Je le vaux bien" for comprehension). He was an broad-minded and magnanimous ruler, author of the Edict of Nantes which authorised freedom of religion (and the revocation of which, in 1685, is said to have contributed to the British industrial revolution) (No way could the English have accomplished that on their own!) (Joking! Joking!).

This was an OK biography; light reading and lots of illustrations.

I now realise I may have beaten my own record of parentheses per paragraph today. What a way to begin a Sunday!

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