Friday, May 25, 2012

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

At our home, there is a general book & film-rule that I have imposed on my offspring (ever true to my despot self) : First Read, Then Watch.

After a rocky start (the first few chapters are pretty longish!) my 8-year-olds were caught up in the story, and we finished Harry Potter number 1 last night. (Must say, I hope whoever translated it into French is duly ashamed of him/herself. Crappy work!)

No wait being better than a long wait, we watched the film tonight! This kind of film - an eagerly awaited adaptation of a universally read & loved book - rarely offers any surprises, and indeed Chris Columbus remains particularly faithful to the (very visual) book.

Stating the obvious : I'm a Huge Harry Potter Fan! Have read the books several times. Adorably charming and inventive plotline! Love them all!

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