Thursday, April 12, 2012

Une Douce Flamme - Philip Kerr

Traditions are dear to my heart, so I stick to them scrupulously and embrace new ones whenever I can. From Norway I have picked up on the concept of 'påskekrim', i.e. to read a detective story during the Easter weekend.

'Une Douce Flamme' (A quiet Flame) was recommended to me by my lawfully wedded husband, who is fascinated by history. It is easy to see what appealed to him in this book. The historical background is depicted in such minute detail as to make it virtually unescapable. The action is set in Argentina, in 1950, with frequent flashbacks to Berlin, 1932 = malevolent Nazis galore!
The genre is noirest noir - for all intents and purposes, the main character IS Humphrey Bogart! - and the plot is fittingly convoluted, but well-composed. 

The one little hitch is that this is more of a story about a detective, than a detective story. And it does not comply with my one demand on a detective story, which is to be a page-turner.
This book is good, but not unputdownable.

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