Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Titanic - J. Cameron (1997)

My son has been badgering me for weeks about seeing this film, and since he is considerably more passionate about shipwrecks (and other major disasters - where on earth did I go wrong educating him??) than about love-stories ("Gross!!") I was convinced he wouldn't last beyond the first half-hour.

By now, however, Jack and Rose are already inextricably tied together, and 100% of my offspring is utterly mesmerized in front of the TV set. Wholly unexpected!

As for me, I find James Cameron crudely manipulative and rather exasperating.

Nevertheless! Isn't it fascinating how the major concerns of movie posters have apparently altered in the last 15 years?! Is it the financial crisis that is to blame for this conversion from amour to catastrophe?

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