Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The King's Speech - T. Hooper (2010)

I never saw this at its release, because I tend to react like a stubborn child when faced with general agreement on something. Everyone seemed to love this film, and so I figured I was bound to be disappointed if I went.

In hindsight, I can say I was probably right. It is a good film - I especially liked the gorgeous settings and the very witty dialogues - but it has no genius, no originality; there is nothing in this film you haven't seen in a certain number of films already. (On the other hand, can you ever get enough of Colin Firth?)

It would have been a pity, then, to be disappointed in what is, ultimately, a good film, just because it didn't live up to expectations.
Oh, the joys of film on dvd!  

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