Saturday, April 7, 2012


Home alone a whole Saturday afternoon = I've watched a lot of TV today!
Eventually, I grew tired of 'Friends' (turn on your TV at any given time in France, and you are bound to find 'Friends' on at least one of the channels) and so decided to give 'Glee' another shot.

Unfortunately, no matter how much my students (15-18) try to sell this to me, I just don't buy it.
It is superficial, artificial (it's escapism; I get it! doesn't make it any less silly) and irritating. The songs are OK, but the performaces are shallow and lack personality, which makes them sound like something out of 'High School Musical'.
Nonetheless, there are at least two positive aspects : fat & disabled actors, and also a very relaxed attitude to homosexuality. Kudos for that!

Globally, I fully understand why so many of my students love this TV-show so much. Heck, I watched 'Fame'! The TV-show I mean. And it was definitely no better than 'Glee'.
My only problem is I've already been there, done that, got the t-shirt. There is no going back.

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