Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elle UK

None of the foreign 'Elle'-editions are as good as the French original, at least not as far as I am aware of. They are all monthlies and therefore contain longer and fewer articles & interviews, contrary to French 'Elle', which is a weekly.
French 'Elle' is closely connected to everyday life, often refers to political events and various news stories.
French 'Elle' often publishes clearly political editorials.
French 'Elle' had an Afghan woman in niquab on the cover just after the Taliban take-over!

I have never managed to find any of the above in any of the foreign issues I have read.
Generally, though, they include well-penned, deep-going articles and interviews and a clear stand on most feminist questions.

That is why the May-issue of 'Elle' UK was such a disappointment! This is all fashion, 100% fashion, nothing but fashion so help me God. If this is what you want, buy 'Vogue'... Not even the Emily Blunt-interview held any particular interest.

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